School Fee

Half-Day Program - per month

Mo–Fr 8:00–13:00
for children up to 3 years
3x per week – CZK 14 300
4x per week – CZK 15 300
5x per week – CZK 16 300
Mo–Fr 8:00–13:00
for children from 3 years
3x per week – CZK 13 300
4x per week – CZK 14 300
5x per week – CZK 15 900
Food – half-day program
Lunch + 1x healthy snack + drinking regime (water, milk, tea)
110 CZK

Whole-Day Program - per month

Mo–Fr 8:00–17:30
for children up to 3 years
3x per week – CZK 15 900
4x per week – CZK 17 900
5x per week – CZK 19 700
Mo–Fr 8:00–17:30
for children from 3 years
3x per week – CZK 14 900
4x per week – CZK 16 900
5x per week – CZK 18 700
Food – all day program
Lunch + 2x healthy snack + drinking regime (water, milk, tea)
140 CZK

Afternoon program - per month

Mo–Fr 13:00–17:30
for children from 3 years
3x per week – CZK 10 900
4x per week – CZK 11 900
5x per week – CZK 12 900
Food – afternoon program
1x healthy snack + drinking regime (water, milk, tea)
40 CZK

Tuition fee includes

 English language lessons (bilingual lessons), knowledge notebook and worksheets; consultation with a specialist in the field of speech therapy; speech therapy club, individual speech therapy, individual approach; attractive educational program; trips or theater; morning health exercise lessons; birthday parties, birthday surprises; creation of a child’s portfolio mapping the child’s development; twice a year diagnostic report on the child’s progress, morning and afternoon activities

Morning and afternoon activities included in the tuition fee:
Flute and guitar playing (preschoolers), Little Explorer’s Club, dance, sports activities, creative workshops, art, songs and stories, yoga for children, cooking, breathing rehabilitation, ball massage, painting modelling, growing vegetables, herbs and many other events for children and parents in and out of school
all within the current operational possibilities and taking into account any current operational restrictions, with the understanding that any necessary restrictions do not affect the tuition fees).

Paid activities over and above tuition fees:
Lego club, tennis, swimming, Spanish language,

Payment terms

  • Payment per year – 5% discount on tuition fees, Sibling discount – 5% discount on tuition fees – discounts are not cumulative (Sibling discount is always charged per sibling with lower tuition fees
  • (non-refundable) Registration 5000 CZK, only one registration is charged for siblings

Payment for tuition is due by the 25th of the month for the following month to the preschool account 2101511466/2010

Payment is made on the basis of an invoice issued by us, which will be sent to your email. By joining the kindergarten, the parent automatically agrees to the kindergarten regulations and the kindergarten contract. The contract is valid from the day the child starts kindergarten until the end of the kindergarten with two months’ notice.


  • Meals are billed on the 1st of each month and are due by the 8th of the previous month.
  • The nursery is open 12 months of the year excluding public holidays, Christmas holidays and preparation week in July (first week in July) and August (last week in August), at all times the above payment terms apply.


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