School Fee

One-day entry

Mo–Fr 8:00–17:30
CZK 990
Price of lunch + 2x healthy snack + whole-day drinking regime 
CZK 125

Half-Day Program

Mo–Fr 8:00–13:00
1x per week – CZK 2 900
3x per week – CZK 7 900
5x per week – CZK 9 900
Food – half-day program
Lunch + 1x healthy snack + drinking regime (water, milk, tea)
– 100 CZK

Whole-Day Program

Mo–Fr 8:00–17:30
1x per week – CZK 3 900
3x per week – CZK 9 900
5x per week – CZK 13 900
Food – all day program
Lunch + 2x healthy snack + all-day drinking regime (water, milk, tea)
– 125 CZK
Tuition fee includes:
Tuition fees, activities, school events, flute play, singing lessons, art lessons, movement activities, native speaker lessons, swimming lessons, theaters, museums, keyboard, birthday parties, individual English lessons, speech therapy club
Annual payment – 10 % discount from the school fee 
Sibling discount – 10% discount from the school fee

Registration 5000 CZK, Payment for tuition and food is sent by the 25th day of the month for the following month to the kindergarten account 2101511466/2010
Payment is made on the basis of an invoice issued by us, which will be sent to your email. The contract is valid from the day of the child’s entry into kindergarten until its termination with a two-month notice period. On full-time attendance (5 times a week), the proportional tuition fee is refunded if the pupil is ill for at least one week at a time and carries a medical certificate.
For a child’s attendance shorter than 5 times a week, the child replaces his / her absence at any time by prior arrangement, but must use the compensation no later than the end of the following month. For attendance less than 5 times a week, tuition is not refundable.

  • Lunches are paid every month from the 19th of the month to the 18th of the next month. At the beginning of the pupil’s attendance at the kindergarten, it is included in the advance payment for lunch until the end of the month, which is charged when the attendance of the child at the kindergarten ends.
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