About us

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create a harmonious kindergarten where children enjoy themselves and laugh. We pride ourselves on a healthy lifestyle, it is scientifically proven that what we eat from childhood influences our mind, our health and our body. The way we eat and the eating habits we adopt as children at a young age subsequently follow us throughout our lives and shape our lifestyle.  That’s why we have chosen to buy our children’s food from the well-known quality brand Bionea, which cooks meals using organic food as much as possible. For children we promote physical and physical fitness, psychological well-being of the child, develop motor skills. 

In our kindergarten, we do not overload children with activities that are inappropriate for their age, we make sure that children have enough opportunities for self-realization in all areas through various activities – motor, cognitive, aesthetic and fun. In children’s education we give priority to the development of sensory perception and experiential learning as the basis of all natural knowledge. We encourage learning through play and experience, which is why play dominates most planned and spontaneous activities in the kindergarten. We try to find an appropriate individual approach to each child. 

We want the child to learn to live in a group of his/her peers, to know the power of camaraderie and to feel that he/she belongs where everyone likes him/her. We value and support all children regardless of whether they have been successful or not. We help them understand the world around them and prepare them for practical life. 

We would like to create together with parents and our staff ” One big family“. We want the children to be happy and contented in our care and to create a path of cooperation, mutual trust and openness with their parents. 

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