About us

Montessori Teaching

We focus on supporting children’s activities, so that they develop their own skills and gain new knowledge. The activities are done by the child himself or herself because he or she wants (not because he or she was ordered to do so). Teaching takes place without stress and pressure on the child’s psyche.

No punishment; the teacher is a child’s guide, supporting children’s activities, which become uninterrupted blocks of “learning”. We build a healthy self-confidence of the child, providing freedom and responsibility to the extent that the child can handle well. We allow children to choose how much time they will devote to the activities.

Montessori Toys

The toys used are one of the big differences against a normal kindergarten and one of the reasons why “our” children are usually more creative. There are just few toys and they are usually toys made of natural materials such as wooden cubes, wooden rails with trains, and Montessori aids. Most of the program is organized as a game outside. In the nature, children can always enjoy themselves. Nature offers countless exciting stimuli, constantly changing over time, so there is no need for children to play with artificial imitations, which is exactly what toys usually are.

About Montessori

Maria Montessori
An Italian doctor who devoted her life to upbringing and education of children. Long-term observations and own practice have brought her to interesting findings. If we provide children with an inspiring, calm environment and appropriate aids, they are able to independently develop and acquire the necessary knowledge without direct guidance from adults.

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