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Mgr. Petra Jodasová
Director of the kindergarten, coordinator of the educational process and lecturer of the art club - owner of the kindergarten Little fox

Director Petra has many years of experience in education and working with children. She graduated from the Secondary School of Graphic Arts. After her studies she worked as a graphic designer, but then decided that she wanted to pass on her artistic talents and dedicate her time to the future generation, especially to children. Petra worked for many years in the primary school as a head teacher of the art department, she worked there as a specialist in art education, painting, modeling, ceramics and also dedicated herself to preparing children for talent tests in art, because she found working with children very fulfilling, she decided to complete her education in pre-school and after-school pedagogy. She gained experience with preschool children as a teacher in a kindergarten, where she was in charge of the art and ballet club. For more than ten years, she and her husband were running summer camps. In 2018, she decided to establish kindergarten Little fox with her daughter. She is involved in the preschool's leadership team and coordinating the school's educational program. In her free time, Petra is active in yoga, cycling, nature walks and art. She also enjoys dancing and theater, among other things. Her greatest pleasure is when she can spend time with her family and close friends. Petra enjoys being able to participate in her children's education and develop their fine arts.

Mgr. Andrea Filipová (Jodasová)
Marketing manager, Communication and enrolment of new pupils, Lecturer of music and educational courses- owner and managing director of the kindergarten Little fox

Andrea was born in Prague, where she attended a primary school focused on music education. In her youth, she was active in singing, performing in the choir Radost, in the children's opera of the National Theatre and also for some time in the choir of the State Opera. She studied at a grammar school with a humanities focus and subsequently graduated from university with a degree in political science. After graduating from university, she started her professional career in a renowned law firm, where she handled public contracts and communicated with clients. During her studies at the university, she was involved in teaching children, organizing children's summer camps together with her parents, and also taught singing and guitar at the Home for Children and Youth, where she gained her first valuable teaching experience. From there it was only a small step to establish the Little fox family bilingual kindergarten, like Maria Montessori, Andrea considers the pre-school years to be the most important period in a child's development. She enjoys observing children's increasing concentration, independence, kindness and mutual respect. She runs a music education course in the preschool where she teaches children to play the piano, flute and guitar. In her spare time she enjoys running, cycling, Thai boxing and various sports activities, she enjoys walking in the woods or in the mountains, the perfect speed for her to observe all the beauty of her surroundings. The Little fox kindergarten she started with her mom is the most beautiful project she has always dreamed of.

Bc. Veronika Birnbaumová
Deputy Director of the Kindergarten - Head Teacher

Veronika has many years of experience in preschool education. She graduated from the Business Academy, but her dream was always to work with children, so she completed her education at the Futurum Secondary Pedagogical School and then continued her studies at the Faculty of Education of the Charles University, majoring in Teaching for Kindergartens. She further deepened her education by studying for a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education at Charles University. She has attended many courses on preschool topics (Basics of the Hejný method in pre mathematical education, Child with ADHD, ADD -for teachers of kindergartens and 1. Grades of primary school, Hyperactive child and child with borderline behaviour in kindergarten, Specifics of pedagogical work with two-year-old children in kindergarten, Graphomotorics, School maturity, Working with children with a different mother tongue, Support for parents of children with a different mother tongue, Basics of HR and others). She considers the experience she was able to gain during her stay in the UK, where she studied and worked with pre-school children, to be very valuable. After returning from the UK, she worked for six years as a preschool teacher in a Czech-English international kindergarten at Sunny Canadian International School, among other things as a Czech language teacher for children with a different mother tongue. Veronika has extensive experience in leading activities related to teaching, leading movement clubs, clubs focused on the development of Czech language for children with different mother tongue, clubs for the development of logic and pre-math skills, organizing trips, outdoor schools, Hejný method. Veronika likes to take on challenges and improve her skills. She sees working with children as her life's mission, which she finds very fulfilling. In her free time she enjoys cycling and traveling.

Mgr. Ritu Bansi
Native speaker in the Lion cubs class

Ritu was born in India and has lived in the Czech Republic for more than 7 years. She graduated at the Punjab technical university, majoring in business management. During her studies, she started working with children and became interested in early childhood education, this led her to pursue a career in childcare education. She did a course on pre-school education, school maturity and communication with parents. She has been teaching English in kindergartens since 2013. Her motto is "The purpose of human life is to help others", so she tries to pass on her knowledge to the children as best she can, inspiring them to be compassionate and sympathetic, but above all, she guides children to think logically. Ritu loves to observe children, she is fascinated by their world, which is full of endless imagination. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and taking nature walks with her husband. Ritu loves cooking, which she actively pursues in her spare time. She finds working with children fulfilling and is most happy when she sees the children develop and grow under her guidance. Ritu believes that children are an endless source of inspiration and energy.


Amy Morillo
Czech teacher in the Foxes class/ sports club teacher

Amy was born in Miami, USA. She grew up in a bilingual environment, so she is fluent in both English and Czech. She studied at the pedagogical Gymnasium in Nová Paka, then studied English and German language with a focus on education at the Faculty of Education at Charles University. Amy has a love for languages in which she is actively interested, she tries to pass on her passion to children by motivating them to learn about other cultures. She has a very warm relationship with the children and enjoys watching them grow and progress. She has a rather restless nature, she likes to constantly make things and invent different creative activities with children. Amy chose to work with children because she believes that educating children is the most valuable thing in the world. She spends her free time growing plants, singing, playing the piano, riding horses and taking care of her dog "Cookie". Amy loves animals and takes an active interest in their training. With the acquisition of a dog, she became interested in canister therapy aimed at children, and wants to further develop in this area. Amy believes that children, plants and animals are an integral part of life. She finds working with children to be meaningful and genuinely enjoys each and every development, however small, that children make. She follows the motto "Do the best as you can and do it because you enjoy it".

Bc. Despoina Karakoulaki
Native speaker/Teacher in the Foxes class

Despoina is originally from Soluni in Greece and she has recently moved to Prague, which she is very excited about. She studied at Aristel University of Soluni, majoring in Early Childhood Education. Before joining Little Fox Kindergarten, she worked as a teacher in a kindergarten in Soluni, where she obtained a number of certificates (e.g. Creative Play in Preschoolers, Children's Yoga Teacher, Developing Sensorimotor Perception in Children). She worked four years as a camp leader, it taught her how to prepare and implement creative environments in indoor and outdoor settings for children. For the last two years, she has worked as a volunteer for a charitable organization, giving her a wealth of experience in communicating with people. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, hiking and exploring the outdoors. Despoina likes to play with children, so she believes that the educational process should be mainly based on play, encouraging children to discover new things and thus strengthening their independence. She believes that the teaching profession is extremely rewarding and valuable.

Daniela Kučerová
Czech teacher in the Owls class/ lecturer of the ballet class

Daniela comes from Zlín, where she graduated from the Secondary Medical School. She is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in pre-school education at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. During her student years she was involved in a project for children, “Don't be afraid of the hospital”. Daniela has been dancing Latin American dances for 11 years, she went to the Mědílkovi dance school in Zlín, where she also has been doing basic ballet in addition to Latin American dances. Daniela is a lecturer of the ballet course in our kindergarten. After studying at the Secondary School of Health, Daniela worked in a nursery and also worked as an external teacher of dance classes for children. Daniela is the main first aider in the kindergarten Little fox. Daniela has very close to children, her favourite thing about working with children is that she can help them on their journey to discover the world around them. She enjoys watching children´s steps when she is working with children, she puts the emphasis on their individuality and development of their potential. Her interests include drawing, hiking, traveling, yoga and spending time with friends and family.

Auma Odiwa
Native speaker/teacher in the Owls class/lecturer of the sport course

Auma was born in Kenya, Africa, where she studied early childhood education. She started her career as a kindergarten teacher in 2009. Auma loves traveling, which has taken her to different countries and eventually she decided to settle in the Czech Republic, she has been living in Prague for more than five years. She says of Prague: "Prague has enchanted me, it is one of the most beautiful and unique cities I have ever seen". She is pleased to have discovered her calling in life, which is working with children. Aumu finds it fulfilling to be able to pass on her experience, skills and abilities through her work to future generations. For her, working with children is not only a job but also a joy in her everyday life. Auma is constantly learning, and has recently become interested in teaching English using the Jolly Phonics comprehensive method, which opens up the possibility for teachers to work creatively with pupils. Using the Jolly Phonics method, children learn to read and write in English, a method suitable for both native speakers and children learning English as a second language. Auma believes that parents all over the world want health, joy and well-being for their children and therefore treats parents and children with respect. She feels it is her duty as a teacher to help children develop to the best of their abilities. In her spare time she enjoys attending cultural events, spending time with her friends and also likes to go for walks in the countryside.

Anička Svobodová
teacher on maternity leave

She has been working with children for several years. During her studies she worked as an animator in Italy, at children's parties and camps. She developed her experience in private kindergartens with children aged 2-6 years. Before joining Little fox she also worked in a leisure centre and outside the office she spent time with children in afternoon yoga, ceramics and creative activities classes. She is proficient in both written and spoken English thanks to her time in England. She enjoys observing children's world, their imagination and creativity. In her free time she enjoys inline sports, cycling, yoga and horse riding. She also enjoys creative activities and making with natural materials." She is looking forward to working with you and especially your children.

Petra Blažková
Czech teacher in the Kittens class/ Lecturer of the "Little Explorer" course

Petra studied at a secondary medical school, but her dream since childhood was to work with children, so she decided to work with children right after her studies. First she worked in a children's group, then she began to enrich her career by working in nurseries, kindergartens and also as a tutor in the non-profit organization Klokánek. She loves children because of their immediacy, carefree nature and also because, unlike adults, they believe in fairy tales and that is very beautiful. Petra has a lot of experience in educating children, mostly children aged 2-3 years old, and has accumulated countless experiences that she wants to pass on to children. She has also participated in several professional seminars and lectures, which have always been of great help to her in educating children. In her spare time she likes painting, writing stories and fairy tales, and she enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.

Petr Jodas
Operations Manager

Tomáš Filip
Director of Finance

Lessi Klenski
Operational assistant/teaching assistant

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